Street Hassle - three versions

The title says it all, doesn't it? Check 'em out.

Lou Reed: Street Hassle "Street Hassle" (1978)
First up we have American songsmith Lou Reed, who both as a member of The Velvet Underground and solo has written a bunch of good songs:

Spacemen 3: The Perfect Prescription "Ode to Street Hassle" (1987)
Up next are English psychedelia/shoegaze noisesmiths Spacemen 3 with their Ode to Street Hassle:

Mokira: Persona "Ode To The Ode To Street Hassle" (2009)
And finally we have Swedish ambient/glitch/something artist Mokira (better known as Andrias Tilliander) with a grainy Ode to the Ode to Street Hassle:
    Ode To The Ode To The Street Hassle by _type

Wouldn't say that these are covers of the same song. First there's a song, then there's another song that includes elements from the former but adds something new, and then one more which I believe is a sample of the 2nd version that has been worked into an entity of its own. The funny thing about the third version is that it plays almost like an echo or worn out copy of the former. Street Hassle, Ode to the and Ode to the Ode to the...


Some time ago I attended a lecture/workshop with this guy who made things sound interesting. Check it out for further reading (in Danish!)



The better the headphones the more sense it makes...

The clip above contains the title track from Plastikman's 1998 album Consumed. An absolutely amazing piece of ambient minimal techno. Sublime stuff. "Consumed" indeed. The whole album is a pleasure. Please note that the clip is a vinyl rip, hence the vinyl crackle :)

Plastikman is Canadian Richie Hawtin who came onto the Detroit techno scene in the very early 90's and was part of the "second wave of Detroit techno". Since the mid 90's he's been a leading exponent of minimal techno along with Ricardo Villalobos and others.

Plastikman's music is abstract, fluidic, minimal and deeply atmospheric. It's also worth noting that most of the Plastikman ouvre was released in the 90's and was well ahead of its time. All his albums are worth checking out. For more info go here or here.

And as mentioned above; the better the headphones the more sense it makes. Definitely. My new pair of Sennheisers really come to good use with this music. If you find yourself listening to music through crappy speakers (of which crappy laptop speakers are the worst) or crappy headphones, please, for the love of music, do yourself a favor and buy decent equipment!


Daft Punk...

Daft Punk Covers
...kanst tú lesa meira um inni á listinblog hjá Inger Smærup Jørgensen og Kinnu Poulsen, har eg havi skrivað ein gestablogg.