Charlotte Gainsbourg: 'Hey Joe'

From the soundtrack to Nymphomaniac (Trier, 2013). Haven't seen the film, not sure I want to, but for now let's stick to this version of this song. As it says in the title it's a Billy Roberts cover. I know it mainly from Jimi Hendrix's timeless version.

This is a great interpretation of the song. The production by Beck clearly references his own Sea Change album (2002) but also, and more importantly, the music of Charlotte's father Serge Gainsbourg. In particular his fantastic 1971 album Historie De Melody Nelson. An album which has spawned some admirable imitations from Beck, Air, Portishead, Jarvis Cocker etc. What an album. The dry yet full sound of the drums and bass, the closeness and intimacy of the music, the floating strings. In short: a masterpiece.

For now; Charlotte's version of 'Hey Joe' carries all these things along and in it's own right it's just great.

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