What a beautiful pop song

Not a wordy post this time. Just a little bit amazed by this beautiful song by Bat For Lashes called "Daniel".
The singer/brain/songwriter in Bat For Lashes is a girl from Brighton, England called Natasha Khan. She's talented. Her first album was called Fur And Gold (2006) and included brilliant tracks like "What's a girl to do" and "Prescilla".
"Daniel" is the first single from her 2nd album Two Suns released last month (april that is). On the cover of the single release for "Daniel" she's on a beach with a drawing/tattoo of Daniel "Karate Kid" Larusso (played by Ralph Macchio) on her back:
I loved that movie "Karate Kid" when I was a kid. 7 years old or something like that. I had these action figures of the Karate Kid & Mr Miyagi. Really poorly made plastic figures but I didn't care since the movie was so great. That final kick scene will never be forgotten.
I remember once when the movie was going to be on TV and there was a power blackout for hours, but luckily the power came back just before the movie was supposed to start. That made me very happy.
Anyways, Natasha must have been about my age back when "Karate Kid" sparked the imagination of kids around the world, and it's likely that she's singing about him in this song "Daniel". Maybe it's a love song. Who knows? It's easy to imagine that a lot of girls back then were secretly in love with Daniel (while the boys wanted to be him!)
Here's a wonderful performance from the David Letterman Show. With some funny deadpan Letterman monologue in the beginning:

Have a listen to the recorded version of "Daniel" and other songs at the Bat For Lashes myspace page

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