Why I Love Techno vol. 2

So here's my 2nd post on techno. Not a lot of words this time so if you want the background info you'll have to read the previous post. I just wanted to share this amazing track with you, dear reader. "Island" by excellent minimalist pop band The Whitest Boy Alive. The band is fronted by Erlend Øye from Norway. He delivered vocals to some of the early Röyksopp singles ("Poor Leno" springs to mind). The other members are from Germany (I think) and the band is based in Berlin.

"Island" is the closing track on The Whitest Boy Alive's 2nd album Rules released in march 2009. You're probably wondering what it has to do with techno? Well, TWBA started as an electronic project but gradually they began including more traditional "handplayed" instruments and by the time their first album (Dreams, 2006) was released the electronic/programmed elements had been left out. This is interesting because you can still hear their electronic origins. The beat, mood & feel of it sounds like techno or house or something, only it's played on "regular" instruments like drums, bass, electric guitar, rhodes & synthesizer. It's funny and it works to great effect. One good example is "Islands". The breakdown around the 4:00 mark and the subsequent build-up has given me goosebumps, made me smile and want to dance a couple of times. Enjoy:

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