DJ Mix vol. 1

I DJ different sorts of danceable musics when I'm using the üBERNöRD moniker. This is the 1st in a series of DJ mix blog posts where I will A) post a new mix and B) write a line or two about it.

A month ago I did a mix called "üBERNÖRD's Le Grand Bleu Mix". The mix was featured on faroese radio show Elektronika on 01.10.09. It's made up of techno & house oriented tracks with sweeping 'blue' moods. Hence; 'Le Grand Bleu Mix'. Also a cadeau to the Besson film which sparked my imagination when I was a kid. A mix of new stuff and some fairly recent classics. You can listen to it right here, right now. Enjoy!
  Le Grand Bleu Mix by üBERNöRD
1. Nicolas Stefan: Time Is Over
2. Alan Fitzpatrick: Reflections (original mix)
3. John Tejada: Raindrops (original mix)
4. Andy Caldwell: Warrior (Claude VonStroke Mix)
5. Radiohead: Everything In It’s Right Place (Andi Müller’s Looong Mix)
6. And.Id: First Talk
7. GusGus: Add This Song (Gluteus Maximus Mix)
8. Alex Costa: Fortuna
9. Andreas Tilliander: No Fleetwood No Mac

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