The Perfect Kiss

Substance collects all of New Order's 12" mixes up until and including 1987 and since the only thing better than awesome 80's synth pop singles is 12" extended mixes of awesome 80's synth pop singles you know you're in for a treat with this one.

This is a really strong collection. It starts with "Ceremony", a track from the Joy Division days that was re-recorded sans Ian Curtis and works as a kind of goodbye to him, and soon moves into the electronic beat driven territory New Order is known for. Take a minute to enjoy this vinyl geek clip of "Ceremony":

There should be a special medal awarded to people posting videos of vinyl spinning.

The most famous track on the album is obviously "Blue Monday" but you've heard that so I'll direct your attention to yet another cool track on Substance, namely "The Perfect Kiss". The video was directed by Jonathan Demme and is quite special in that it's a live recording of the band performing the track live in studio. This version is even longer than the 12" mix. The band just jams.

Wikipedia: "According to Factory Records owner Tony Wilson, Demme was looking forward to filming dynamic shots of Stephen Morris behind the drum kit and was dismayed to find that the drums in the song were all programmed."

Well, haha, too bad for him. I love the fact that the basic drum track is programmed while the band members play along to it. It's great how the track slowly mutates and moves through different passages. It's really hypnotic and cool. There's a disco sense to it. Robert Christgau said in his review of Substance that (2nd only to Chic) New Order was the best disco band of the 80's. I kind of agree.

Check out the video. So many things 80's, so many things awesome:

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