Roger Waters The Wall Live in Parken last night was absolutely mindblowing! But I feel it's too early to go into depths about the show so if there is to be any extensive writing on it, it will appear here on a later date.

Right now I want to direct your attention towards rather brilliant Brooklyn "transcendental black metal" (!) band Liturgy! "Transcendental" they call it. "Conceptual black metal" might also work. "Abstractionist black metal"? "Intellectual black metal"? Or maybe "Brooklyn hipster black metal"? :)

Whatever. Great band. Kind of reminds me of Wolves In The Throne Room. Similarities: both bands are from the US, both bands play their own interpretation of black metal, neither band uses corpsepaint or black metal outfits, both bands appear in casual clothing and both bands hint at a possible future for black metal beyond the good ol' Satan worshippin' bleakness of yore. Hence the transcendental bit. Oh, and both bands have this kind of deep ambient hypnotic vibe going on that you just want to throw yourself in. But still, you know, two totally different bands.

This is Liturgy and their new album Aesthethica is out this tuesday. Check out this cool disorienting video for "Returner" (but do beware if you don't respond well to fast blinking images), which will be on the new album:

LITURGY // RETURNER from Panorama Programming on Vimeo.

Here's a live recording of "Pagan Dawn" which appeared on their previous album Renihilation (2009):


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