Walking On Thin Ice

My first blog post of 2012 is related to my last post in 2011 about the 31st Anniversary of John Lennon's passing.

"Walking On Thin Ice" is a song by Yoko Ono and John Lennon. Lennon plays lead guitar and keys on the track and it was actually the last track he ever played on. Recording of the song finished on Dec. 8 1980 and he was holding a tape with a final mix of the song when he was shot outside the couple's home in New York.

While "Across The Universe" from last year's post is a sentimental (yet very beautiful) 60's hippie song, "Walking On Thin Ice" has a more edgy new wave vibe to it and points to the future. At least in the context of Lennon/The Beatles and where he might have headed musically if he had the chance.

The song is an interesting mix of new wave, disco and rock. It even has a punk sensibility to it. There's a lof of disco related stuff from the 70's and early 80's that's interesting because many underground acts were melding punk and disco vibes. Pretty cool.

The lyrics are quite eerie in the context of this being John Lennon's final recorded musical contribution. A rather beautiful lyric that reflects on the ephemerality of life. Opinion differs on Yoko Ono's vocal in general but I like it here. I like her attitude. Add to that how well her voice works in the two remixes I've added here, and you've got something special going on.

Edgy, existential reflection you can dance to:

A great electro remix from Pet Shop Boys. Video directed by Mike Mills and Arya Senboutaraj:

Another great remix by Jason Pierce from Spiritualized:

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