Sci-fi Mix

I haven't posted any DJ mixes here on the blog in ages but here's one I did recently. The Department for Arts and Cultural Studies (Institut for Kunst og Kultur or IKK) at Copenhagen University held its annual student organized IKK Festival on March 6-7. This year's theme was "sci-fi" and the festival concluded with a party where I was DJ’ing.

My musical selections for the evening reflected the theme of the festival: synthesizer soundtracks, sci-fi pop and space disco. I played an early “chill” set and a late night disco set. This mix is made up of selections from the former set which contained a lot of soundtrack stuff. The soundtrack pieces have the movie title added in parentheses below. I just gave this a listen and it is indeed a nicely (s)paced journey with a good balance between utopian and dystopian vibes. Enjoy!

0. (Space FX)
1. Vangelis: ‘Tears in Rain’ (Blade Runner OST, 1982)
2. Bernard Herrmann: ‘Klaatu’ (The Day The Earth Stood Still, 1951)
3. Louis and Bebe Barron: ‘Ancient Krell Music’ (Forbidden Planet, 1956)
4. Wendy Carlos: ‘Title Music From A Clockwork Orange’ (A Clockwork Orange, 1971)
5. Jean Michel Jarre: ‘Oxygene (Part IV)’ (1976)
6. Tangerine Dream: ‘Betrayal (Sorcerer Theme)’ (Sorcerer, 1977)
7. Brad Fiedel: ‘Theme From The Terminator’ (The Terminator, 1984)
8. Logic System: ‘Unit’ (1981)
9. Brian Eno/Daniel Lanois/Roger Eno: ‘Deep Blue Day’ (Apollo/For All Mankind, 1983)
10. David Bowie: ‘Space Oddity’ (1969)
11. Delia Derbyshire & Ron Granger: ‘TARDIS – Doctor Who’ (Doctor Who, 1963)
12. John Carpenter: ‘Escape From New York (main title)’ (Escape From New York, 1981)
13. Suicide: ‘Rocket USA’ (1977)
14. Vangelis: ‘Main Titles’ (Blade Runner, 1982)
15. The Tornados/Joe Meek: ‘Telstar’ (1962)
16. Straight Ahead: ‘Sirius’ (1979)

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