Frankie Knuckles R.I.P.

Frankie Knuckles 1955-2014.
Earlier today I read the news that legendary DJ and producer Frankie Knuckles has passed away at age 59. Frankie Knuckles was a legend of house music and was called the "Godfather of House Music" by some.

Born and raised in the Bronx, he started out DJ'ing disco and soul in the early and mid 70's New York scene along with Larry Levan and others. Later he moved to Chicago and became an integral part of the house scene at The Warehouse (the namesake of the house genre).

My girlfriend Solveig and I are a DJ duo and we go by the name of Sugardaddy & Honeypie. Last year we were invited to open the Grundin DJ stage at G! Festival in the Faroe Islands with a disco set.

We happily obliged and snuck in Frankie Knuckles' seminal house track 'Your Love'. Knuckles was a pioneer of house music but what he did was also steeped in the sounds, beats and vibes of disco. Future disco, if you will, and 'Your Love' exemplifies this brilliantly. Awesome and beautiful dance music. May he rest in peace.

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