Tangerine Dream, Michael Rother, Dieter Moebius live in Tivoli tomorrow!

I am - mildly put - looking very much forward to this gig tomorrow. A year ago, I hadn't seen any of the great German bands of the era spanning from the late 60's to the early 80's. The era and music which was labelled "krautrock" by British journalists. Then Kraftwerk came to Roskilde '13, we saw it, and it was good! 

And then out of nowhere this triple whammy was announced in December and we bought tickets right away. Before the concert there will be an artist talk feat. Edgar Froese (Tangerine Dream), Michael Rother & Hans Lampe and Dieter Moebius. It will be moderated by music journalist Jan Sneum. We also managed to get tickets to that (free tickets but limited to 150 people on a first come first serve basis).

The concert will open with Dieter Moebius performing the music of Cluster, Cluster & Eno, Harmonia and Moebius & Plank. Then it's Michael Rother feat. Hans Lampe performing the music of NEU!, Harmonia and Michael Rother solo. And last but not least Tangerine Dream's debut live performance of their soundtrack to William Friedkin's Sorcerer (1977) in its entirety.

Wow. Just wow. Over these last couple of years there has probably not been any other era of music that I've been more into than krautrock. After tomorrow I will have seen live representations of the music of Tangerine Dream, Michael Rother, NEU!, Harmonia, Cluster, Cluster & Eno and Moebius & Plank. Add that to Kraftwerk last year. That's crazy! Now if only there was a CAN and/or Faust related gig happening soon...that would mean full circle :)

I have blogged several times about krautrock earlier so if you'd like further thoughts on that go here, here, here, here, here, here or here.

I'll also leave you with some amazing albums. Maybe you'll find the right hour sometime to check them out. They're all worth it!

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