Tuxedo Rebels: Sometimes The World Is Dark

Tuxedo Rebels: Sometimes The World Is Dark. Cover design by Uni Árting. Cover photo by Eva Johansen.
So this is a bit of self-promotion. Hope you don't mind. I'm excited. Tuxedo Rebels, the duo/band I'm in with my friend Petur Pólson, released our debut album this week on Tutl Records in the Faroes. The Tutl press release we made explains it quite well:

Tuxedo Rebels is Petur Pólson and Knút Háberg Eysturstein. Formed in 2002 when Petur was active in Clickhaze and Knút in Gestir. In accordance with the gravity of creation they went out and performed songs by some of their mutual heroes and along the way considered the idea of writing and releasing their own music.

A decade would pass before these plans were realized. Both Knút and Petur have been treading their own musical paths since 2002 and in the time that has passed Knút has moved abroad while Petur stayed in the Faroes. In the autumn of 2012 the two friends agreed that the time had come. Living in separate countries was not a hindrance but a condition for the creation of the debut album.

They began composing songs and worked together through Skype sessions. Knút was in Copenhagen with his guitar while Petur was in Sandavágur with pen and paper. An album of songs was written and recording sessions began in the living room at Petur’s place when Knút came home to the Faroes during Easter 2013.

They were joined by Benjamin Petersen (guitar, mandolin) and Per I. Højgaard Petersen (drum, percussion). The album was produced and recorded by Knút and mixed by Benjamin Petersen at Jens L. Thomsen’s Støkumørk studio. Jens also plays bass on the album. Handclaps are provided by Døgg Petursdóttir, Solveig H. Olsen & Sunnvá H. Olsen while Rakul Dalsgaard sings backing vocals on two songs.

For the mastering process Tuxedo Rebels requested the services of mastering engineer Dave Collins at Dave Collins Mastering, Los Angeles, USA. Dave has previously mastered albums by artists such as Ben Harper, Bruce Springsteen and Soundgarden.
Ten songs are on the album and they are all written by Tuxedo Rebels. Petur wrote the words and Knút wrote the music.

For the cover and artwork Tuxedo Rebels requested the design skills of Uni Árting as well as the photo skills of Eva Johansen.

Sometimes The World Is Dark is available as a 180. black vinyl LP (incl. CD and download code) and on CD incl. cardboard cover.
Tuxedo Rebels: Sometimes The World Is Dark LP incl. CD + download code
 So that's that. We're extremely happy and proud to release this unto the world. Right now I'm busy with my studies but come July we'll play gigs. Looking so much forward to that! Here are some lyric videos featuring singles from the album and an LP teaser. Enjoy!

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