The Beatles syngja tríraddað (Ringo spældi Xbox í meðan).
Eitt av bestu løgum Lennons. Her í tveimum útgávum afturvið livandi jarðarmyndum úr rúmdini. Fyrst a cappella (akkurát pellað), og síðani við ljóðførum: elektriskt kembalo, gittari gjøgnum Leslie forsterkara, bassur, og síðst men ikki minst: Moog synthesizari.

Ian MacDonald skrivar soleiðis um 'Because' í Revolution In The Head: The Beatles' Records And The Sixties s.365-66:

"The last song recorded for Abbey Road was Lennon's 'Because' - a three part harmony in C sharp minor inspired by hearing Yoko Ono play the Adagio Sostenuto of Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 14, Op. 27 No. 2 (Moonlight). Overdubbed twice, making nine voices in all, the harmony is one of the most complex on any of the group's records and, even under the guidance of George Martin, took them some while to learn. Accompanied by continuous arpeggios on harpsichord (left), guitar (right), and synthesizer (centre), the chordal melody has an icy grandeur which fails to engage the emotions, instead floating on the lofty breeze of its high-flown word-play. Many have admired this song's mood of visionary detachment without taking account of the heroin then flowing coldly around its composer's body. Fifty days after finishing 'Because', he was back in the studio howling his addiction in 'Cold Turkey'."

Tað er, við øðrum orðum, ikki bara harmoniirnir, ið eru kompleksir. Stundum lúrir myrkrið tey løgnastu støðini.

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