Futuristic Friday #1

Here's the first installment in an upcoming series of blog posts called - you guessed it - "Futuristic Friday"! The idea is simple: each Friday I will post music of the futuristic sort. Mostly obscure and/or relatively rare older stuff, though some more notable names might pop up.

To start things of we've got French outfit Droids with their brilliant track '(Do You Have) The Force pt. I & II". Droids was the studio project of Yves Hayat along with keyboardist Richard Lornac and drummer Jean-Paul Batailley. They released one album, Star Peace, in 1978. Heavily inspired by Star Wars and featuring a collection of epic synthesizer disco and electronic soundscapes.

There was a particular conjuncture of disco and science fiction back in the 70's and early 80's. It's really quite something. "There ain't no futurism like retro-futurism", as the fella says. It's a weird and wonderful scene so expect more of this kind of stuff in upcoming posts. Enjoy!

Droids: '(Do You Have) The Force' pt. I & II:

Make sure to also check out this fantastic performance on French TV:

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