Tankar um tónleik #23 (Susan McClary)

"Tankar um tónleik" er framhald av bloggrøðini "Thoughts on music". Innihaldið er framvegis áhugaverdir og viðkomandi tankar, ið onkur hevur skrivað ella sagt um tónleik. 

”…rap artists turn machines invented for preserving music into musical instruments. Technology itself is subjected to the practices of signifying. The romantic search for authenticity is thus frustrated in advance by this music that foregrounds its own fundamental mediation. Yet any attempt at writing it off as the mechanical result of automatic devices runs up against a whole network of African American practices: namely the emphasis on powerful physical rhythms, on call/response, on individual virtuosity enfolded in community. In fact, one of the most important features of rap involves its intense concern with reference – the actual incorporation of moments from the history of recorded black music, made possible through sampling. While this device has sometimes been dismissed as evidence of rap’s lack of originality, most samples principally act as pretexts for the intertextual signifying so central to African-based practices. More than that, they reflect an obsession with cultural memory, a desire to transmit traces of the past as still-vibrant elements of the present. Rap offers the black community its own version of music history texts.”
-Susan McClary. 2000. Conventional Wisdom: The Content of Musical Form s. 160.

Tankarnir hesuferð eru viðkomandi fyri henda bloggpostinhesa samrøðuna og kanska serliga henda bloggpostin.

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