Tankar um tónleik #24 (Kodwo Eshun)

"Kraftwerk are to Techno what Muddy Waters is to the Rolling Stones: the authentic, the origin, the real. Techno therefore reverses the traditional 60s narrative in which the Rolling Stones stole the soul and vulgarized the blues of Waters et al. Kraftwerk epitomize the white soul of the synthesizer, die Seele der Synthesizer, the ultra whiteness of an automatic, sequenced future. To Model 500, '[Kraftwerk] sounded straight up like they were living in a computer. I even had doubts to whether they were actually human.' Happy to be the interloper, the latecomer, Bambaataa steals the synthetic soul from Dusseldorf, bastardizes it into Planet Rock. Kraftwerk happily called their sound Industriell Volk Musik, Folk Music for the Industrial Age. For Techno, Dusseldorf is the Mississippi Delta."

-Kodwo Eshun. 1998. More Brilliant Than The Sun: Adventures in Sonic Fiction, London: Quartet Books Limited, s. 107.

"Tankar um tónleik" er framhald av bloggrøðini "Thoughts on music". Innihaldið er framvegis áhugaverdir og viðkomandi tankar, ið onkur hevur skrivað ella sagt um tónleik. 

Tjekka forrestin hesa savnsútgávuna.

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